ღ 本館: 英式古典花園別墅
倫敦眼館:泰晤士河畔 Zone 1 Apartment (New!)
ღ 金絲雀館: 倫敦市區精緻 Apartment
ღ 奧運館: 倫敦奧運區 Olympic Villa
the ultimate made to measure city
By 王信智 Kiefer Wang(生活作家暨當代藝術家,《室內光》作者)

這裡提供 皇家等級的友善服務

也許是 沈浸午茶時光 或是 書寫購物狂日記
也許是 隔世寫作之旅 或是 嗜吃綠色有機
也許是 家庭年度小遊 或是 背包貪戀溫馨

2011年 倫敦被 Lonely Planet 選為世界上最棒的城市
讓 Mikiko 與 Andy 為你(妳)製造劇情 風景回憶

丈量旅行深度 創造心靈廣度
於是 生活風格 成就 生命品質

很快 我們倫敦見
就 這麼說定

Mikiko's Mini Afternoon Tea Guide の Wolseley 名人飯堂篇

Wolseley @ Piccadilly (next to Ritz Hotel)
Wolseley Traditional Afternoon Tea
(感謝來我們家住的 honeymoon couple Cat & Jacky 所提供的照片)

Address: The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB (在Ritz對面)

Price: Cream Tea Set £9.75 (per person)

Fruit Scones 英式鬆餅配奶油, 果醬
with Home Made Jam and Clotted Cream
Choice of Teas ~ 他們會用新鮮的薄荷葉泡茶,感覺非常清新,挺好喝的
Traditional Afternoon Tea Set £21 (per person)

Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Fruit Scones 
with Home Made Jam and Clotted Cream
Selection of Pastries
Choice of Teas


Mikiko's Notes: Even though it’s one of the top tables in London, it is relatively easy to get into casually, as they allow walk-ins. Service here is attentive and you always made to feel welcome. There seems to be no 'priviledged service' given to the many celebrities/ famous faces you may see whilst dining there. The super high ceiling with iron chandeliers does makes you feel as if you’re dining in a castle, yet it is in the heart of London.

一向吸引不少名人紅星光顧的Wolseley雖然說這是一間感覺很高級的餐廳 , 其實不需要訂位也可以進去。 這裡侍應很有禮貌 , 不會有拘束的感覺。 雜誌也報導過Sarah Jessica Parker, Jack Nicholson, Paris Hilton, 基努李維 等巨星在這裡用餐。

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